Visual Story telling


Photography Master Classes

Visual Story Telling

spring edition:

7 March - 11 April 2020

autumn edition:

12 September - 17 October 2020

only in den haag

Dive into the fascinating ocean of visual story telling.

Deepen your understanding and enjoyment of photography

with these Master Classes series on

discovering and developing your photographic eye.

For curious imaginers, not necessarily photographers, with interest in visual arts.

Get inspired and learn to see beyond the photographs.

Discover what is photography for you.

What our students say about us:

I strongly recommend Alexandra’s Master Classes!
Alexandra is an amazing teacher. She goes way beyond basic rules of photography. Through her expertise and guidance you can learn how to read images, from classic to contemporary. She also encourages you to find your own style and gives detailed feedback on your image creations.
— Sylvia R.
I enjoyed the classes a lot! I learnt how to really SEE and what makes a great photo. I discovered some photographers I didn’t know before and was bewildered by their work which we studied during the classes guided by Alexandra. Every week we had homework to do and this was the best part. Alexandra pushes you to explore your potential, she is able to see beyond your beginner’s mistakes and nudges you to step out of your comfort zone and take good shots. She also gave us very valuable tips on how to leverage our cameras and was always willing to answer all our questions. She is a great teacher, I’ve learned lots with her while having fun along the way.
— Elena de F.

By the end of these Master Classes you will:

Learn how to create striking photographs

Think and see like a photographer

Develop and train your photographic eye

Acquire essential knowledge on visual story telling

Deepen your understanding of the craft

Elevate your photography skills

What is included:

 Unique teaching method based on years of practicing the craft

Interactive classes full of inspiring content

Fun and challenging assignments

In depths reviews of assignments

 Stimulating discussions

 Led by professional photographer and story teller


 - warning: this course is positively addictive and endlessly inspiring -

Practical things:

 6 Master Classes of 3 hours each

Plus one on one communication and advice outside of class

 Cosy and intimate setting, max 8 people

 Saturday mornings 10:00 - 13:00

 Central historical location in The Hague

 No prior knowledge required

 Equipment requirement - any device that can take photos

EUR 250 all included


BONUS: reserve your spot and receive pre-course content to start learning and get inspired while you wait!


course Description

Photo Poets Society Master Classes are for those who want to train or discover their photographic eye. Learn about visual story telling and try out the acquired knowledge in fun assignments. 

These Master Classes will be focusing on the creative side of things. How to frame a well balanced photograph, what to pay attention to, how to tell a striking visual narrative. We will cover in depth understanding of composition, light, subject matter, framing and more. We will be discussing the deeper meaning of photography and how photographs are formed and created. We will dig deeper into the behind the photograph process and what goes into it. 

The aim of these Master Classes is to train your photographic eye, nourish your creativity and ultimately help you to discover your own unique photographic style. 

All levels are welcome. No worries if you are a total beginner. The classes are well balanced for starting and advanced visual story tellers. There will be something new for everyone to learn and discover and to get inspired by. 

Equipment: if you have a camera and not afraid to use it, bring it. Any camera will do. Even the camera on your phone will do the job just fine. The best camera a photographer can have is the one in her/his hands.

Presented and led by Alexandra Atepaeva, professional photographer and experienced visual story teller. Founder of Alexandra Atepaeva Photography and Co.inspired.

Not sure if the course is for you?

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Please contact us directly.


We also offer personalised one-on-one classes for those who prefer an individual approach, want to learn a specific topic or require a flexible schedule.

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