Hi, I’m Alexandra

Knowing your photographer is important. Having a click with the person behind the lens is essential. I cherish truthful connections in life and I bring that concept to my photography. I believe personal connection is what makes a photograph meaningful, intimate, one of a kind.

I value my communication with my clients, the special bond I build with them, the laughs and chats we have, the ease and comfort with which the photoshoot flows. Creating beautiful genuine images for you of the treasurable moments in your life is what I love doing. Making you feel at ease, feel yourself and you enjoying the process from start to finish, is what I pride myself on most. 

My most memorable and favourite photographs I took have the warmth of emotions and feelings attached to them, because of the people I’ve met, people I’ve tremendously enjoyed the company of and had absolute pleasure photographing.

It is as much about the experience, as it is about the photographs, and so much more. When you look at the photographs years later, I want them to remind you of the warm and positive memories, I want them to make you smile, to bring you enormous joy.

I found Alexandra an absolute delight and pleasure to work with. A thorough professional, who knows her craft and goes about it in a very artistic way.
— Shaksham

Why do I do what I do 

I find compelling, beautifully captured photographs are moving. They grasp your heart and you cannot tear your eyes away from them. When images speak to you and tell you a story, it is magical.

Photographs have the power to transfer us in time, back to the moments in our lives that we vaguely remember like a fading dream. That first time when we rode a bike, or met our grandparents, the home we used to live in, the way the morning sun flooded the room, our first date, first kiss.

There are many stories in our lives that would be wonderful to relive, to bring back the images of, to dive into those emotions, see those people again as they were exactly back then.

I’m passionate about visual story telling exactly for that reason. For you, for your children, your loved ones, to be able to relive your life moments, to re-experience those emotions, to keep and enjoy your memories for many, many years to come.

Alexandra is a great photographer and a wonderful person. She made beautiful photos of our wedding. She pours her heart and soul into every photo session and it can be seen from the photos.
— Ekaterina
Alexandra took beautiful photos of our students in various locations and settings. Regardless of the setting, she managed to convey a sense of intimacy with her subject. It was magic!
— Sarah

What can you expect on a photoshoot with me

Absolute dedication to exceed all your expectations. A personal approach and genuine care to make your photoshoot unique, enjoyable, yours. Full attention to you and all the details. You do not need to worry about a thing. I take care of everything from start to finish. No rushing, we take the time we need. The photoshoot flows naturally in line with your personality, needs for breaks, laughs, location and outfit changes. Relaxed atmosphere, pleasant chats, humour and lots of fun.

Alexandra has an awe inspiring eye for beauty.