Knowing the artist is important. Knowing the photographer is important. Personal connection is what makes a photograph meaningful, intimate, one of a kind. I value human connection in my work, the bond I build with my clients. Creating beautiful images for you of the treasurable moments in your life is what I do. Making a personal connection with you is what I value most. 

My most memorable and favourite photographs I took have the warmth of emotions and feelings attached to them, because of the people I’ve met, people I’ve worked with, people I’ve tremendously enjoyed the company of and had absolute pleasure photographing. It is as much about the experience, as it is about the photographs, and so much more. 

I put my heart in everything I do. I put my heart in the images and experience I offer you. I believe in goodness and kindness of people. I treasure the personal connection and communication with you, honest, genuine, respectful.