What is a Photo Walk exactly?

Photo Walk is a walk in any specific location of the city chosen by you or recommended by us. You explore and enjoy the city as you would normally do on a trip. The photographer will accompany you photographing your journey in the most candid and spontaneous way, guiding you if needed and offering local expertise and insights on the area. This is a friendly and relaxed stroll with taking photos in between. 

What if rain is expected at the time of my Photo Walk?

We check weather forecast regularly and schedule photo walks at best conditions possible. In case heavy rain is expected we offer rescheduling options. If rescheduling is not possible for you, you have an option of canceling, shortening or moving your Photo Walk to a covered location. We can recommend some. Light rain or occasional drizzling should not be a problem for a Photo Walk with a prop of an umbrella or a raincoat. 

How do we recognise each other when meeting the photographer?

Prior to your Photo Walk, we will ask you to kindly share a recent photo of you with us and we will share photographer’s photo with you. We will also agree on a specific spot to meet, like a landmark, cafe or the lobby of the hotel you are staying in. You will also have a phone number to reach us on. 

What is the right length of a Photo Walk for me?

The duration of a Photo Walk depends on how much you would like to see, how many photos you would like to have and for how long you are prepared to walk around. Please see more details here.

I’m shy in front of a camera and don’t like posing for photos. Is a Photo Walk for me?

Absolutely! The beauty of a Photo Walk is that you don’t need to pose or even notice the camera at all if you don’t want to. Just have fun exploring the city and we will make sure to take nice candid photos of you. 

I don’t know where to go, I’m new to the city. How do I choose a location for my Photo Walk?

We are here to help. Just tell us what you like, must sees or curiosities. Is it architecture or nature that you prefer, art or history, cosy streets or seaside? Give us some preferences and we will find the perfect spots for you. 

 Can I bring friends or family with me on a Photo Walk?

Of course. Just let us know in your booking form how many people are coming. The more the merrier.

How are the images that I receive selected?

We pre-select the best images for you based on our expertise. We send you a preview of the number of images that you have ordered plus five additional ones. You select the ones you love the most and we send them to you in high resolution immediately after the payment is complete. You like them all and want to have them all? You can purchase any additional image for EUR 15 or all additional images for EUR 65. 

How much is the deposit and is it refundable?

The deposit is 50% of the total price and is fully refundable (minus paypal handling fee if any) if your Photo Walk is cancelled 72 hours in advance.

Is Take A Photo Walk available in other cities of The Netherlands?

Yes. Please contact us with a request for a specific place and we will send you more information.

Want to know more?

Please send us a message via contact page.